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About "GO! An Olympic Journey"

Co.Theatre Physical will combine: comedy, extraordinary physicality, rich characterisations and innovative story-telling to bring you this fun-filled journey through Olympic history and culture.

Our protagonist, an aspiring young gymnast, is magically whirled through the centuries of Olympic Games by the mischievous Dr.Time-Travel and her amazing time-travel gadget. She learns from her Olympic predecessors about the realities of life as an elite athlete and the spirit and stamina required to fulfill one’s dreams. “GO!” also includes:

  • Personal Stories - of New Zealand’s famous Olympic Heroes
  • Sports Fashions - from Greek garb to trendy corporate-sponsored gear
  • Technology - Scientific advances and technology for elite athlete training
  • Sports Idols - Our protagonist’s idol Nadia Comaneci and her 10/10 perfect score.
  • Time-Travel - with Dr. Time-Travel through the centuries to highlight the changes in Olympic culture.

Co. Theatre Physical first performed “Go!” in NSW for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Every Olympic year since, the show has toured both in Aotearoa and in NSW, Australia.

Suitability: Years 3-8
Duration: 50 minutes        
Price: $4 (including GST) per student
Minimum Audience: 130 students