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About "The Junk Food Detective"

- in search of the golden triangle

Lucia lives in Partyville where kids are forced to watch T.V for hours and their main diet is party food. Her best friend lives in Dailyville and has to do her homework, eat healthy food and do a paper run. This means she is fit and wins the cross country every year. The girl in Partyville wishes she could be like her friend so she visits the magical chef who lives on the hill. He promises to help but first she must find his golden food triangle, lost somewhere in a place called ‘Fairy-Tale Re-Mix’ - a world of mixed up re-constructed fairy tales.

On arrival she is thrown into a golden triangle hunt game. To gain clues she must solve the nutrition and dietary problems of well known fairy tale characters. Dealing with the appetites of giants, witches, wolves and princesses proves challenging and dangerous. However the girl from Partyville overcomes the obstacles, retrieves the golden triangle and learns valuable information which will save her life.

Co. Theatre Physical has a magical way of educating the young through their theatrical skills: balance acrobatics, movement, colourful characterisations, story-telling, and comedy.

Amidst this imaginative, fun-filled narrative The Junk Food Detective will…

  • Empower audiences to overcome and avoid obesity with healthy snacking, learning to cook, and exercise
  • Analyze the nutrients in party food versus healthy food
  • Explore the food triangle and define the following: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals- and what part they play in a healthy body
  • Journey through the body to experience the mechanisms of the digestive system
  • Give a global perspective of poverty – which kids go to bed without food
  • Inspire kids to leave the couch and TV and embrace the concept ’30 minutes a day Push Play’
  • Show how advertising and marketing of energy dense drinks and foods to children especially through television tricks us into consuming them-causing health problems and obesity.

Suitability: Years 1-8
Duration: 50 minutes        
Price: $4 (including GST) per student
Minimum Audience: 130 students

The Junk Food Detective show for school kids