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Pla la la Parade Show

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Vertical Pedestrians
Pla la la Parade Show

About "Pla la la Parade"

Pla la la Parade has no set narrative so is part 'walk around', part show.  It aims to intersect, entertain and divert passers-by with colour, life and intriguing action. A site specific show, it was originally created to be performed on the four street corners at the intersection of Queen St and Wellesley St and the aerial dance on the side of the Civic building in Auckland's CBD. 

Pla la la Parade premiered last December for 'Random Acts of Christmas 09' a festival by Heart of the City and THE EDGE and is still in development.
Two time-traveller/scientists are searching for a mythical creature upset by the huge plastic rubbish patch in the North Pacific Ocean. Their 'intelligence' locates it in the region of the Civic building, Auckland. With an elaborate time travel machine, dynamic sound-scape, elegant Elizabeth Whiting costumes and Co.Theatre Physical's fusion of acrobatics, aerial dance and commedic characterisations Pla la la Parade subverts the pedestrian nature of the street.

Pla la la Parade Street Show