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About "Royal Jelly"

There’s trouble in the bee hive: a tyrannical Queen, exhausted workers, no royal jelly! Enter a human environmentalist aged 11 who wants to save the world - a funny, informative and visually beautiful show.

Royal Jelly is our new children's show, created and performed by Katie Burson and Hannah Kelly with assistance from Antonia Stehlin and Beth Kayes. A co-production with Auckland Live.

Book at Auckland Live or contact us if you want us to tour Royal Jelly to your school.

Saturday, 22 Jul
Lower NZI, Aotea Centre
Performance 10.30am | Workshop 11.30am
Māngere Arts Centre
Performance 3pm | Workshop 4pm

Sunday, 23 Jul
Bruce Mason Centre
Performance 10.30am | Workshop 11.30am

Suitability: School Years 1-8
Duration: A 45-minute ‘taster’ performance, followed by a 45-minute interactive workshop
Workshop: Learn basic acrobatics and help save the world by creating your very own Royal Jelly character


royal jelly