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About "Rugby Fever"

'a history of Rugby' for Years 3 to 8

See Video > TVNZ Small Blacks TV segment
(see second half of chapter 1)

Mum is an ex netballer and a sports journalist. With the RWC 2011 around the corner she has to become more knowledgeable about the history of New Zealand Rugby. Home from the newsroom, she and her 9 year old daughter peel the potatoes for dinner and she realises her daughter is a fountain of rugby knowledge. They have been studying its history at school and she has caught RWC 11 fever from her rugby mad teacher.

The domestic scene magically transforms into the excitement and physicality of the rugby field as Co. Theatre Physical’s talented team employ their rich bag of skills: movement, balance acrobatics, comedy, colourful characterisations, story-telling, to bring you the history of rugby in an engaging, funny, original format, suitable for children years 3 to 8.

Rugby Fever will explore:

  • the origins of rugby
  • spectacular moments, great wins and losses!
  • colourful and famous personalities of the rugby world
  • heroes, work-horses, gladiators, the fallen heroes
  • politics... noteworthy moments in the politics of rugby e.g. the Springbok tour of 1981
  • the era of professionalism, sponsorship, branding
  • training... fitness schedules, diets, injuries, sports psychology
  • touring... international travel, jetlag, the hierarchy of the All Black bus, who sits where and why?
  • National Identity? How and why does rugby form our national identity - is it still true?
  • Belonging vs Exclusion... belonging to a team and the culture of rugby means you fit in, but what if you don’t belong? How can we accept and celebrate difference in culture and talents?

Requirements: 5 metres by 5 metres clear floor and 3 metres height. Proximity to power for sound.

Price: $4 (including GST) per student (Minimum audience 130 children)

Rugby Fever - Rugby World Cup Show