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About "Speech Snatcher"

A Show About Speeches...

A girl is preparing her speech for school. An esteemed royal speech writer is struggling to save her Queen and their Kingdom, beset with recession, with a speech.

Their two worlds collide and conflict in this imaginative, funny and instructive show. Desperate, the esteemed royal speech writer snatches some of the girl’s words. Her speech is ruined! It now reads like gobbledey gook, silly-speak, crazy-talk!

To retrieve important information the girl chases her and begins a journey vital to her speech writing and presenting process. In her chase, she is thrown back in time and hears and is inspired by famous speakers from history. She analyses what makes their oratory so powerful: Martin Luther King, twelve year old Severn Suzuki, Barack Obama, to name a few.

Her choice of topic is challenged along the way by various global issues she encounters, and heroic stories of human endeavour and triumph. Her horizons are broadened through her travels into outer space, into different time zones via a time travel machine. Will she re-think and change the topic of her speech?

She finds herself in a speech clinic where, with checklists and charts, her speech is given a thorough warrant of fitness for Information and Presentation. She is taught about her voice, her body language, relaxation, positive visualisation and other tricks and skills for clear and confident speakers.

A dangerous situation calls for the two speech writers to reconcile, to collaborate and to work as a team as a Kingdom is saved and a young speech writer is inspired!

Speech Snatcher uses comedy, slap-stick, balance acrobatics, soundscape, colourful characterisations and story-telling to bring you this entertaining and informative show.

Suitability: Years 3-8
50 minutes
Available: all year round (depending on CoTP’s availablity)
Price: $4 (including GST) per student (Minimum audience 130 children)


Speech Snatcher theatre show