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About "Tricks of the Trade"

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Two actors are devising a show in a school hall when an audience arrives unexpectedly! Their play is not ready to be shown in public but instead they decide to share their play-making process with the audience. Through innovative story-telling, humour and extraordinary physicality they:

  • Explore five starting points from which to make a play: Theme, Script, Found Story, Personal Story, Issue.
  • Demonstrate diverse theatrical styles by converting one scene into  different genres: Shakespeare, Contemporary, Action Hero.
  • Experiment with ways to create characters: inspired by a piece of costume, a  voice or accent, a particular physicality, an 'inner action', a state of tension.
  • Discover the techniques of Improvisation: making, accepting and extending offers.
  • Physicalise a script: through a fusion of dance, circus skills, mime and movement.
  • Play with theatrical transitions, props, musical score and possibilities for research.

Co. Theatre Physical employs comedy, dexterous physicality and diverse skills to bring you dynamic, educative theatre!

Suitability: Years 7-13
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: $4 +GST per child, 125 children minimum audience.

Extensive Teachers Notes available
Tricks of the Trade theatre show