Vertical Pedestrians


Pedestrians from a different perspective! Has Queen St tipped sideways? Are you walking on a wall? What did you have for breakfast? Why is that old woman walking down a wall with a walking frame or is it me walking up a wall with my shopping?

Co. Theatre Physical’s Vertical Pedestrians will have you wondering as couriers rush and leap and somersault down their vertical path to delivery and a bride and groom walk down the aisle ‘literally’ to the snapping photographer, business people negotiate on a steep gradient and night clubbers dance and twirl as they make their way home from a night of revelry. You can sit opposite and relax, adorned with extravagant eye-wear, and watch the world tip sideways.

Vertical Pedestrians was part of THE EDGE and Heart of the City’s Random Acts of Christmas 2010.


Beth Kayes

Mark Bonnington
Mike Edward
Eve Gordon
Beth Kayes

Thanks to
THE EDGE and Heart of the City