Drama Gone Viral


Jason has to create and perform a drama for school but since he is stuck at home due to lockdown he has to make a solo…using drama conventions!*?

Luckily his Aunty, who is an actor, is in his bubble. She promises to help him and suggests he escape lockdown and 2021 through a portal. As Jason enters the portal his Aunty transforms into a Dramabot who guides him on his journey.

Jason falls through time and lands in Louis Pasteur’s laboratory in 1885. He is bitten by a rabid dog and so has to be vaccinated with Louis Pasteur’s revolutionary new vaccine. Advised by Dramabot he uses drama conventions to avoid tricky situations.

Jason tries to get home but ends up further back in time in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre where he is thrust into playing Juliet in Shakespeare’s up and coming play. He glimpses life in London in 1603, narrowly avoids death in a sword fight and as the bubonic plague strikes and the theatre closes, he escapes.

On his way home he meets the ‘Father of Immunity’, Dr Jenner, and the man with cows growing out of his body.

The borders to 2021 are shut and the only way through is to perform a one-minute solo. Jason accepts the challenge and makes it home.

Comedy, drama ‘how-to’, science history, and adventure are ‘Drama Gone Viral’.

Teachers’ Notes available.

Touring Details: We are touring in term 2 of 2022
Health and Safety: All performers are double vaccinated and have vaccine passports
Suitability: School Years 4-9
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: $5 (+ GST) per student (Minimum audience 130 children)


Performed by
Katie Burson, Beth Kayes, George Llewellyn-Shead

Costume Designer
Elizabeth Whiting

Set Designer
Kathryn Jarvis

Beth Kayes

  • Drama Gone Viral