Monarch – Children’s Theatre, Primary School Touring Show

About Monarch

MONARCH is a theatre show that mixes vivid characters, comedy, and physical theatre. Performed by dynamic duo Katie Burson and Beth Kayes and featuring costumes by award winning designer Elizabeth Whiting, MONARCH is about butterflies, speech writing, scientists and the environment.

See below for Synopsis.

Rave reviews

Kau mau te wehi, so awesome!! A massive thanks from us all. Well, what a dynamic show our tamariki and ngā kaiako enjoyed on Wednesday!!

Monarch contained all of the interwoven elements within Performing Arts, while presenting relevant curriculum concepts & information based on Science, Social Sciences, Writing, Environmental issues, and much more.

The set design and costuming was so creative and cleverly utilised. Who would have thought that a caterpillar could be this ‘lifelike’ creature telling a story!! Especially with the on cue sound effects – had the audience captivated and laughing along! We even got to meet ‘famous scientists’ from the past… mixing & mingling with the audience.

Full of humour and pitched at a level for tamariki to access. What more can I say… fantastic.

Please let us know about any future touring shows you’ll be involved with, because we would love to be a part of them also.

– Angie Riggs, Assistant Principal, Don Buck Primary School, Auckland June 2021

Thank you so much for sharing your performance with us. From the youngest pre-schoolers to the oldest Year 6’s as well as from the teachers, I have had only positive feedback. Please let us know if you are ever in the area with another show – we’d happily have you back.”

– Jacqui Larkan, Springbank School, Kerikeri, May 2021

Thanks for the great show, terrific feedback from teachers and students. We will book again, please keep us informed.”

– Lance Coker, Mangawhai Beach School, 2020

You were amazing!! Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Thank you for coming and we wish you the best for future shows..”

– Debbie Anderson, Marian School, Hamilton, 2020

Thanks for a wonderful show, I received lots of positive comments about it. Your resources for teachers were excellent too..”

– Karen Davies, The Gardens School, Manurewa, Auckland, 2020.

Suitability: School Years 2-6
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: $4 (+ GST) per student (Minimum audience 130 children)

Synopsis for Monarch

The show follows Lea who is writing her speech for school about the importance of butterflies. Her Grandma is a butterfly scientist who works to protect and preserve monarchs in her area. Lea’s speech writing is interrupted by Carlo the caterpillar. He is claustrophobic and afraid to go into a chrysalis. Lea convinces him to overcome his fear of change by telling him incredible facts about butterflies and their central place in myths and legends.

Meanwhile a city planner announces her scheme to build a motorway that will destroy the butterfly winter home. Lea and her Grandma suggest a tunnel so that the city’s progress and nature, can co-exist. The city planner threatens Grandma. Lea is worried but her Grandma gives her a ‘Scientists From The Past’ Time Machine so she can learn about the courage of scientists. The madcap machine conjures up the courageous Marie Curie, Galileo and David Attenborough.

Lea is inspired and determined to help her Grandma to save the butterfly winter home. When the city planner and Grandma come to a deadlock Lea is called on to step into her Grandmother’s shoes and speak up. She is terrified but overcomes her nerves and delivers her speech, just in time!