Royal Jelly


There’s trouble in the bee hive: a tyrannical Queen, exhausted workers, no royal jelly! Enter a human environmentalist aged 11 who wants to save the world – a funny, informative and visually beautiful show.

Royal Jelly is our newest children’s show, commissioned by Auckland Live.

Contact us if you want us to tour Royal Jelly to your school.

Suitability: School Years 1-8
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: $4 (+ GST) per student (Minimum audience 130 children)


“Two energetic actors, play multiple characters to convey a timely topic; ‘Save the bees. Save the environment’.
A punchy message delivered as easy and fun entertainment for both young and old.
Highly recommended to school audiences of all ages.”

Bronwyn O’Connell (Parent)

“I loved it, especially Bee. I think everyone should go see it because it was funny.”

Georgina 6 years old.

“Loved the show, it was really age appropriate and engaged the children well. I liked the sustainability message a lot. The workshop was excellent also, I was impressed with how they engaged a wide range of ages which can be tricky.”

“Take bee show to primary schools”

(Audience Comments from Auckland Live’s ‘Pick n Mix’)


Created and performed by
Katie Burson and Hannah Kelly

Assistance from
Antonia Stehlin and Beth Kayes.