Super Hero and the Fairy


A Super Hero is exhausted from rescuing polar bears off icebergs, kittens from burning buildings and princesses from witches. She decides to go to sleep… but… a cheeky Fairy pretends she needs rescuing and wakes her up!

The Fairy uses her magic to play tricks on the Super Hero. Physical feats, story-telling and mischief ensue. Through much magical fun and some help from the audience the Super Hero and the Fairy finally make their peace. The Fairy lullabies our exhausted Super Hero off to sleep…*?!*

Co. Theatre Physical‘s dynamic duo Katie Burson and Beth Kayes combine madcap characters with physical skills drawn from circus and dance to bring you funny, surprising and spectacular theatre.

Suitability: Children aged 2 to 6 years old
Duration: 40 minutes
Cost: $320 +gst per show


“A highly entertaining, exciting and unique interactive performance with characters the children really related to… very funny with humour enjoyed by both adults and children.”

– Anne McKenzie, Head Teacher at Ferndale Kindergarten, Auckland.


Created by
Debbie Newby-Ward
Eve Gordon
Beth Kayes

Performed by
Katie Burson
Beth Kayes